Thanks for stopping by.  Here’s a little history on how Spirit of Life Church was started.  From the beginning, we’ve always wanted to be one of the many great churches in New Prague, MN. that is committed to sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with this great city.

Original Press Release for Spirit of Life Church in New Prague – September 23, 1983

A new ‘Worship alternative is coming to New Prague. “Spirit of Life Church” (sponsored by the Assemblies of God) is being formed by families who currently travel 25 miles or more to attend churches in Prior Lake, Shakopee, Faribault  and surrounding communities.

Over the past decade the Assemblies of God has been one of the fastest growing denominations. There are nearly 10,000 churches in the United States and during the past twelve months an average of one new church is started each day.  In the July/August 1982 issue of the Saturday Evening Post author Edward Plowman wrote: “From its founding in 1914, the Assemblies of God denomination now boasts: Nearly 10,000 U. S. churches with 1.8 million adherents and 23,000 ministers–3,300 of the them women, including 230 pastors; Work in 108 other countries, with 8.9 million constituents (up from 200,000 in 1940) in 93,500 churches and meeting places, served by nearly 80;000 ministers, 1,250 missionaries and more than 200 Bible schools; Nine U. S. Bible Colleges and a graduate school of theology with a total enrollment of about 9,000.—“.

The Assemblies of God, now the largest of American Pentecostal denominations, is known for its belief in the authority of the Bible, emphasis on a personal acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, a distinctive emphasis on speaking in tongues that occurs when a believer receives the “baptism in the Holy Spirit”, and a wholesome recognition of God’s ability to heal the sick.